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Why feedback is important tool for your event development?

Event feedback is very important tool to develop your event. With the feedback you should find aspects to upgrade or change for the next event and find out how you succeeded with other aspects of the event. Remember that having feedback from your event is a subjective matter of an experience. When the feedback is collected from various attendees the feedback the more valuable and useful it is.

Why should you collect feedback from your event?

Event feedback is usually collected after the event when you can carefully concentrate to the feedback with time. Feedback can be collected with interviews or surveys. Surveys are usually better as you can collect more feedback faster. Example, use free and easy feedback tool Webropol. Remember to keep the survey short and most of all think carefully what kind of things you mostly need to know from your event attendees. Make sure that the questions give you the opportunity to develop your event via the answers. Should you use numeral or open questions, or both?

When it comes to feedback - don’t forget your event employees. Take your time with your employees and go through the whole event – how did they saw the event? Were there any problems? Usually the employees know very well (and they should) what has happened at the event. Did they have preparedness to do their best? Which kind of impact your employee can make for the attendees’ event experience? This is a key factor you shouldn’t underestimate. Your event employees give the face to your event and can influence a lot to the feedback your attendees will have.

What kind of questions to ask? 

  • What is the most important subject of your event? What is the reason people want to attend your event?
  • What are the things you invested on your event; atmosphere, visuals, program, food and beverages, logistics…? Which way do you want to develop these things for your next event?
  • Was there anything you were unsure about, did the attendees react to this somehow?
  • What kind of feedback do you want to share for your employees?
  • What are the numbers and feedback your event sponsors and partners want to hear from you? Are there things you need to share for them regarding your collaboration?
  • Do you need more than one feedback survey for different attendee groups?

Use numeral and multiple choice questions. Give space to a free speech on your survey: allow the good and negative feedback to flow from your customer. Feedback survey is simple to attach with the after-event marketing. Usually, event organizers send feedback surveys to the attendees via email or with a news letter. To maximize the answer rate, you can set up an lottery where you can draw tickets to your next event with all the ones that have answered to the feedback survey.

Create the feedback survey before the event so you can ease your after event work load. Edit the survey if there is something you should include to it for example, if something unexpected happens at the event.

How to use the feedback?

At the event you can see how well all is going and have you succeeded. The feedback is very important for the next events production. If there are specific things you can find from your survey that example hundreds have mentioned; this is a thing you should concentrate for the next event.

It's important to notice which things from the survey are the ones you can really affect. Taking an action with the things that pop-out from the survey will probably increase the customer satisfaction for next time. Why wouldn't you tell your survey out comes for the attendees example on social media? Remember that you can't please everyone.

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