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Customer experience: MPK

The National Defence Training Association of Finland, (MPK) and Liveto worked together with an event called Kokonaisturvallisuuspäivä. This blog post is based on the interviews of Miia Iivari, the Head of Communications and Ossi Hietala, Training and Communications officer. Read more about the collaboration and this interesting and important event!

The National Defence Training Association of Finland (MPK)

The National Defence Training Association of Finland (MPK) is a national training organization with operations all over Finland. MPK is also an operative partner of the Finnish Defence Forces and organizes versatile trainings with them, such as safety and security trainings. MPK organizes over 2000 different events in a year all over Finland!

Event in a collaboration with Liveto

MPK organized an event called Kokonaisturvallisuus päivä and it was a bit different from other events that they have. This event was a hybrid seminar and attendees could choose from 14 different locations where they wanted to attend. Main place of the event was the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre from where the speeches were streamed to the other 14 locations. 

MPK used many of Liveto's tools. The successful event was created with the help of:

  • Registration tools
  • Event App
  • Virtual event platform with chat and other activation elements.

Attendees registered to the event either with Liveto’s tools or in case of some of the cities teh registration was handled with MPK’s own training calendar. Attendees chose the location where they wanted to attend and then watched the event from one of those 14 locations. This way they could watch the live stream together and discuss with each other.

Easy and personalized collaboration

According to the MPK, the collaboration with Liveto was excellent. During the organization process there were a couple of small challenges in MPK, such as sick days, but the event was still successful! Liveto’s service was personalized to meet the needs of the MPK, said Iivari. Even though MPK has events that are slightly different from Liveto’s other events it doesn’t matter, because all Liveto’s services are always personalized for the event and its needs. Iivari says in the interview that she could happily recommend Liveto for other event organizers!

“I have a really good feeling because together we found solutions that were just right for us” – Miia Iivari

Hietala said that the Event App was really easy-to-use from the event organizer’s point of view. He also brought up how they could give feedback and ideas for Liveto and they were actually listened to. Hietala sums up the interview saying that working together with Liveto was really easy and he could also recommend Liveto for others. This was a great event and collaboration, and on behalf of Liveto we also want to thank the event organizers!

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