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Customer experience: The Landscape and Technology Expo Viherpäivät 2023

Viherpäivät event was organized again in-person in 2023 in Paviljonki, Jyväskylä, after a couple of Covid-19 years. The national environmental and landscape management event Viherpäivät is the largest annual event for professionals in the landscape industry in Finland. The event includes seminars, networking and an exhibition. This blogpost is written based on the interview of executive director Taavi Forssell.

The most interesting meeting place in the industry

Viherpäivät is organized by The Finnish Association of Landscape Industries, Viherympäristöliitto ry (VYL). This association represents the professionals of the industry and aims to bring up their benefits in public conversations. One of the goals for VYL is to develop the industry.

As an important meeting place, Viherpäivät event gathered hundreds of people together to listen to seminars about current topics. Seminars were led by professionals of the industry and they brought people together to discuss. Theme of the 2023 event was Vice, Smart and Green – does the knowledge change into actions?

In addition to the seminars, the event also had an exhibition, which had approximately 1500 visitors and 100 exhibitors! Exhibition also had workshows and speeches. The Viherpäivät event culminated in an amazing dinner party, where attendees had an opportunity to meet old and new friends and acquaintances, and of course network!

“We have been very happy with the collaboration” – Taavi Forssell, executive director

Tools from Liveto

Organizing an event usually requires multiple tools from different service providers, such as ticket sales and attendee management. However, things were done differently in Viherpäivät: The organizers wanted to focus all the work into one platform. Liveto was able to answer this request by providing all from one event platform; registration tools, accommodation sales, communication tools, virtual event platform and Event App. In addition to these tools they also used Liveto’s event management, ticket scanners and they had one event professional from Liveto working in-person in the event. All these from Liveto, can you imagine! Event was organized together with Liveto’s partner, Paviljonki.

  • Registrations and accommodations

All registrations to exhibitions and seminars were done with Liveto’s tools so all the transactions and billings were done with the same system. From the same personalized event page it was also possible to book the accommodation from some of the four hotels in Jyväskylä. Liveto was also responsible for all the work with the hotels, such as communication and forwarding data and transactions.

  • Communication

Liveto’s communication tools were used to communicate to attendees via email. Liveto’s tool made it easy to create messages that were personalized according to the event and messages were focused to specific target groups.

  • Virtual event platform

Viherpäivät 2023 was not your ordinary hybrid event, not at all! However, after the official event ended, a virtual platform was opened and from there attendees could watch recordings of the event. Liveto’s virtual event platform was also used in 2021 and 2022 in virtual events, so the platform was already familiar to the attendees.

  • Event App

Viherpäivät wanted to leave physical flyers to the past and in this way take actions towards more sustainable event. Flyers were replaced with Liveto’s Event App. In the Event App attendees could check the timetable, have conversations in the chat, navigate through exhibitions and get familiar with exhibitors before the event actually started.

  • Event professional and ticket scanners

We here at Liveto are truly the professionals in the event industry and therefore we also provide help in-person at the events. Viherpäivät 2023 had one event worker from Liveto in the event helping attendees with their questions about registrations and helping event organizers to use Liveto’s scanners. With Liveto’s ticket scanners it is easy to scan the tickets and follow and manage the access control.

Do you want your event to be like Viherpäivät? Would you also like to have all the tools you need in one easy-to-use event platform? Read more about us on our website or contact us from here. We are happy to help you!

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