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Utilizing Event App at live events

It is expected that in spring and summer of 2022 the event restrictions will lighten and the live events will start to attract people again. In the last two years the virtual events have become more common. Also the different Zoom and Teams meetings have taught us how easy it is to join virtual events from all over the world. Event organizers should think about how to serve the participants of the live events even better, and how to bring the new knowledge to the events.

Liveto’s Event App

Liveto’s Event App is a new and innovative way of bringing virtual events best features also to hybrid and live events. Event App is fully browser based so you don’t need to download it on your phone. You can easily access the app with a QR-code or a link. You don’t need a different account or registering to sign in, just use the app with an alias. The app offers the following functionalities:

  • Chat-channel
  • Polls
  • Schedule
  • Performers introduction
  • Event-info
  • Map

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How to utilize Event App?

With Event App, you can also support other services of the event. The app gives a modern addition to the event and it might also reduce the other costs of the event. Next there are few ideas of how to utilize it on B2C-events, such as festivals or sports events.


  1. Chat

    In the app there is its own chat where users can message with each other over different channels. The chat-channel could be intended for example to inform about the event or to talk about a specific topic. At the event it could be beneficial if the participants could get information about delays or where to find the shortest line to a service point. What if you could ask questions to speakers with the chat and by doing this activate everyone?

    There must be a moderator at the chat to direct and supervise the conversation so the discussion stays appropriate. If necessary, the chat could be reflected on screen so that everyone on-site can read the discussion. You can easily adapt the chat usage for your own event type.

  2. Polls

    Polls are one of the typical ways to get participants involved at the virtual events so why wouldn’t you utilize it also with live events? Polls are questions that have ready settled answer options and they can be timed to be seen at wanted moments. You can utilize the polls for example to get feedback, ask an opinion or just to activate the participants. At the end of the event day you could ask for example who performer was the best today – real time data gives important information to organizers.

  3. Schedule

    The app simply offers the event schedule directly to participants' phones where it’s easy to read and follow. This removes the traditional manual need and it reduces costs and is also a more ecological alternative. There is also no need to look for the schedule from the website or social media.

  4. Performer introduction

    One part of Event App is reserved for the introductions of the performers, speakers, athletes or partners. This part is supposed to give more information for example about the business event speakers and possibly direct participants forward to their websites. The same way you can list the event partners, their logos and important links to social media.

  5. Event information

    Event information is a part of Event App that tells the event fundamentals: what, where and when. From here you can easily check the most important information of the event at one glance.

  6. Map

    If you wish you can add an event map to Event App. With this you can easily navigate through the venue from one place to another. In the map there can be seen for example the info, parking lots and entrances. This will make coming to the event easier.

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