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European Landscape Contractors Association (ELCA) using event platform year round for all their online and hybrid events

The ELCA is the European Landscape Contractors Association that promotes cooperation as well as exchange of information and experiences in Europe. ELCA increases awareness of ELCA and the wider landscape industry across the EU and the rest of the world. 

ELCA in a nutshell: 

  • Was founded in 1963. 
  • Maintaining and extending the contacts to relevant members of the European Parliament, civil servants of the European Commission and to representatives of other associations with similar interests. 
  • Further development of the network in Brussels. 
  • Working groups on different topics in order to work on issues with the experts of different concerned countries such as Green City, green infrastructure, invasive species, education and training on green sector, green waste regulations, regulations on tachographs, directives on VAT for green industry, EU Green Week etc. 
  • Promotes the local initiatives of its member countries by developing the patronage over events
  • Organizes a scientific workshop for members and non-members to underline the importance of green areas even at the planning of construction projects and to highlight the technology and professionalism of the landscaping companies. 
  • Takes the leadership on the coordination of the green city initiatives. 
  • Supports the local initiatives and promotes the exchange of good practices and measures.
  • Carries out annual surveys of member associations on employment, business and trends. 
  • Develops and implements KPI’s for ELCA and the board. 
  • Cultivates college and university contacts. 
  • Organizes the ELCA Trend Award and Green Award every two years. 

Exchange is the fundamental value of the ELCA.

  • Young landscapers: anyone who has recently started working in the landscape industry
  • Schools and training centers: students, teachers, trainers, education and training providers
  • Employees: Facilitates the exchange of experience and good practices. 
  • Company owners: Exchange of knowledge and know-how 
  • ELCA member associations: Exchange of best practices of the association’s work
  • European associations: the EFBG (for the roofs), the IOB (for the swimming pools), the EILO (for the indoor greening): inter organization contact and co-operation i.e. Arboriculture, Designers and Urban planners with the long-term objective to build a confederation. 
  • European associations of environment, medical science or consumers which and other influential links for the landscaping companies. 
  • SoGreen, Sector Organization Global Green:  European and international associations promoting the Planning, Design, Development, Management and Conservation of Naturally Resilient Environments that sustain Human Health and Wellbeing.

Year-round use of the Event Platform

Just as many other associations and companies around the globe, the pandemic forced the ELCA to move their 2021 year’s events online. The ELCA ended up hosting six events online, and conveniently were able to use Liveto’s Event platform throughout the entire year. This was easy for both the organizers as well as the attendees, as they knew where to go and what to do, and with different interaction tools, they were able to connect with each other, despite not being able to meet in-person. 

The ELCA was able to use the platform for different size events and different sorts of purposes. 

When attendees joined the events, they first landed in the lobby of the event, which included instructions for the attendees. They were able to see the program from the tab on the top, read more about all the keynote speakers, or just follow the program through a live broadcast or even watch recorded content.  

By scrolling through, they were able to see different rooms and spaces that they were able to access during the events: such as the materials of the previous ELCA events, get to know the organizations behind ELCA, coffee break or lunch room (where you can meet and greet the organizers and other delegates), workshops etc. All the rooms were open throughout the whole event and the attendees also had the possibility to have 1-on-1 chats or video calls with each other, or in groups. They were also able to schedule meeting time with each other as well to find a suitable time to connect.

Cooperation with Liveto

The event platform gathered about 100 participants all together throughout the year and the ELCA was able to customize the whole platform to look exactly like the ELCA. Attendees were able to connect with each other and discuss the various different subjects at hand. Both the organizers as well as the attendees felt that the platform was easy to use and worked well and the attendees were able to be engaged throughout the events. 

"The cooperation with Liveto was great and we received help in anything that we needed. Liveto helped us to get set up, helped with our broadcast and the overall customer service was very professional. The platform worked well throughout the year, it was very user friendly for our attendees and us, and we were able to take the full advantage of the different interaction and networking tools. - Marie Mertens, ​​Head of Office, the ELCA

The ELCA is excited to continue with Liveto for the upcoming year and looking forward to using the various different tools for hybrid events as well.  

Read more about Liveto’s event platform from our website and download a free guide on “How to host internal and external events in this hybrid era”. 

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