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How to successfully sell merchandise online?

What do you imagine when you hear “sporting event” or “music concert”? Most probably part of the image in your mind would be cheering crowds of people. Do they look similar? And what do they wear? Right, many of them would wear clothes with the attributes of a particular team or band. Without a doubt, merchandise became as important for event attendees as the event itself, especially for loyal fans. 

There are dozens of articles with suggestions how to sell merchandise efficiently directly at your event? However, events don’t take place that often. In fact, selling the merchandise during the event only limits the potential revenue from sales. Liveto is here to help you to sell merchandise online and most importantly to do it successfully.

Step 1. How to sell merchandise online?

The first step (and the easiest one) is to actually start offering the merchandise online. If you already organize events with Liveto, then simply add all desired merchandise products to your event Dropshop. If we don’t know each other yet, then Liveto encourages you to TEST how the Dropshop will look like on your own website. It’s easy and free! 

Benefits of selling merchandise online are clear. Firstly, it is an additional revenue stream. Secondly, it makes the event more recognizable and is a good marketing tool. Thirdly, good merchandise enhances the brand image of your event. However, to get those benefits merchandise sales have to be successful. 


Step 2. How to sell merchandise successfully? 

The first step is done and you offer the merchandise online, so it’s time to achieve sales success. Therefore, the second step is to boost merchandise sales and generate profit out of it. Unfortunately, this is not that easy, but the reward depends on your strategy, creativity and flexibility to meet customer demands. 

Limited editions and exclusive merchandise

Exclusivity is a king in today’s world, when people want to differentiate, for example, by wearing something exclusive or customized especially for them. Merchandise sales increase if offered goods are unique, limited or related to a special occasion. 

A perfect example of success is the merchandise sales record after the Toronto Raptors’ first NBA championship. Raptors won in NBA Finals on June 13, 2019, and right the next day set up a new record for merchandise sales at the NBA Store’s online shop. Fans wanted to memorise this historic moment for their favorite team by purchasing limited edition championship merchandise. In-store merchandise was difficult to find anywhere, but ordering it online became a perfect and stressless solution. 

Similar principles apply to customized clothes or any kind of exclusive merch the event organizers can come up with. Give your event attendees an opportunity to become a part of something special and different from an ordinary life. The merchandise sales wouldn’t wait. 

Price and quality 

Some event organizers make a big mistake when they start to offer poor quality and boring design merchandise. Who would like to buy a T-shirt to wear it only once? Right, nobody. Nowadays merchandise product should be made of a good material with eye-catching design to make people willing to wear it as a normal T-shirt, hoodie, phone case, etc. In addition, it’s beneficial to partner with apparel companies to create event merchandise, because it will consequently allow to make both quality and price higher. 

Awareness and promotion 

People have to know what kind of products are offered, how to buy them, is it possible to customize, are there any discounts/special offers and any other additional information. Promote merchandise through social media, wear it yourself, take pictures and encourage people to post pictures. All in all, it's a promotion for the event, sometimes even more reliable and cost-effective than traditional marketing activities.