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How to build the best possible customer experience?

Building a customer experience is one of the backbones of a successful event, but it’s often forgotten during the event planning process, simply because the event organizers are too busy with other things. The world is full of events nowadays, so standing out from the competitors is more difficult. This is why the meaning of customer experience shouldn’t be forgotten – it’s one of the most important competitive advantages also in the world of events!

Love at first sight – invest on the first impression

You’ll never know which is the potential customer’s first touchpoint with your event. Remember this when creating marketing materials. The customer experience starts to form at the very first encounter with the event. Usually the first touch to the event is an advertisement or conversation with a friend. The customer’s opinion about the event starts to build up immediately, so making a good first impression is very important.

Advertising is in a key role in building the customer experience, so make sure that the visual image and information is coherent in every marketing channel you are using. A uniform appearance of the advertising helps customer to remember your event and build a mental image about it. When customer is intrigued and wants to learn more about your event, make sure that all the information is easily accessible and up to date!

If a customer has got a positive image about the marketing and communication, the next step is purchasing the pre-tickets to the event.

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The four features of a successful pre-ticket sale

  1. Easy – The ticket store is easy to access and use.
  2. Loveable – Customer finds it beneficial and important to buy the ticket in advance.
  3. Quick – The purchase process is simple and doesn’t take long.
  4. Intuitive – The customer is able to buy the tickets immediately if wanted.


When the day of the event finally arrives

Arriving to the event should be easy and well-instructed. Entering the venue should be quick and not too crowded. The first impression of the venue is very important - what does the place look like, how are visitors welcomed and is the staff friendly?

Make sure that the services are easy to access. You’ll get far if you focus on the customer’s basic needs and dedicate enough resources in relation to the number of visitors. If there are enough toilets and different options of food without too long lines, customers will stay happy.

What comes next? How should you consider the customer’s experience after the event? Answers to these and many other questions from our new guide Build an Outstanding Customer Experience for Your event! 

Download the guide below!

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