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Customer service - a hidden key to your success


Any business is a complex system of departments with various roles and responsibilities. If one of those elements works in a wrong way, the whole system is under threat. Customer service is one of those elements, but some companies still underestimate the importance of providing a good customer service. While others already get the consumers’ love and loyalty thanks to their great customer service. Event industry is not an exception. Let’s explore how the superb customer service can lead to better results in sales, loyalty indicators and other business areas.   

Hidden advantages of a great customer service

  1. Save money

    Retaining an existing customer is always cheaper than attracting a new one. Treat your attendees with a good customer service and they would love to attend your event again and again. At the same time you save money by reducing marketing expenses on newcomers. Sounds like a win-win situation, isn’t it?

  2. Loyalty is a king

    Loyal customers are the best customers the event organizer could wish for. They are passionate about your event and like to share it with their friends and on social media. Fortunately for event organizers with loyal attendees, nowadays word-of-mouth marketing is considered to be the most trustworthy and the cheapest one as well. If loyal consumers are willing to recommend your event to others, it smoothly acquires new attendees. All you need is to ensure a customer support at the same high level for newcomers!

  3. Listen to enhance

Listening to your customer allows to see your event from a different perspective. What do customers really want? What they like the most? Why they attend your event? What questions do they have? Listening to event attendees helps to fix arising issues, find creative ideas and improve the event experience in general.

Customer service

What does great customer service mean in reality?

  1. Fast and reliable

    Nobody likes waiting for an answer for too long or paying for a useless phone call. Make your customer support services as fast as possible, but trustworthy and honest at the same time. Don’t promise to the customer something you cannot guarantee! 

  2. Easy-to-find

    If a potential event attendee has a question, the worst case scenario is to make him/her worried even more because the customer support button can’t be found intuitively. Luckily, there are many existing solutions to make the customer service simple and user-friendly. For example, “Chat button” integrated to the website or contact details visible right where they’re needed and expected to be.

  3. FAQ and self-service support

Problems are better to prevent than solve. Well-structured and elaborate FAQ would reduce the number of calls and emails with similar questions. Event’s FAQ should always contain up-to-date and helpful information with the most popular questions on the top. Again, careful listening to the customer leads to a better performance. Sufficient self-service support saves both event attendees’ and employees’ time, works 24/7 and helps in most of the cases. Finally, it allows to provide high-quality, reliable and quick customer service for those who need it.

Every step matters

Event attendees’ impressions depend on the whole event experience starting from the ticket purchase. For example, some customers may have some questions about the online ticket purchase, may want to change or return it. Therefore, the event ticketing service for your event have to be chosen carefully. If something goes wrong at this stage, an attendee most likely wouldn’t care if it’s organizer or ticketing service fault. Bad experience would be already associated with the event.

We wouldn’t never allow that! Liveto cares about event organizers and their customers. Over the last three years only one client has left from Liveto. Want to know more about events organized with Liveto? Check out our customer stories in Finland and abroad. Or contact Liveto and see how cool our customer service team is!