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Virtual event cooperation with Paptic Ltd

Paptic Ldt is a company that focuses on new innovative and sustainable packaging materials and technology for sustainable development. Paptic organized their second virtual event, Open House by Paptic, in which they shared their new innovations in technology field and attendees could discuss and learn about sustainability in packaging.

Paptic – Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Materials in Packaging

Forging a category of its own, Paptic® combines the best features of existing materials, for instance, high print quality like paper, durability like non-wovens and versatility of textiles. Paptic® offers renewable, recyclable & reusable packaging material made of renewable raw-materials.

Paptic Ltd in a nutshell:

  • Founded in 2015

  • A pioneer in the fight against plastic pollution

  • A mission of paptic is to cater industries and companies with a material that is eco-friendly, sustainable, and desirable. To offer products that help our globe survive.

  • Organized Open House event for the second time and the first time with Liveto.


Virtual Event and Virtual event Platform


Online Open House by Paptic included discussion on the future of sustainable packaging, retail and flexible packaging innovations and new Paptic materials. The aim was to create active discussion between participants, Paptic’s team and performers. The overall aim was to create an event that was interactive, exiting and inspiring experience.

Paptic decided to organize their virtual event in June 2021. Big aspiration was to include their brand visibly to the virtual event. Platform’s wide range of features and communications tools were in a big role and were well-liked. 

Features that were applied in Paptic’s virtual event:

Lobby – Participants first touch to the event, where they could read

welcome text, see the performers and go to stage or Paptic’s room.
Live stage – Livestream stage where all the program was shown.
Paptic – Room that included more information about Paptic Ltc.
Help and instructions – Event’s information page with instructions to use the platform and its tools & customer service contact information.
Chat – The event supported one chat channel where participants discussed with each other and the Paptic’s team. In addition to chat, participants were able to ask questions from performers and Paptic’s experts.
One-to-one chat and video calls – Participants and Paptic’s expert could discuss with each other via private chat or video calls.
Polls – Questions with multiple answer choices.

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Cooperation with Liveto

The virtual event gathered about 400 participants and Paptic managed to
arouse discussions with both old and potential new customers. The event
organizer confirmed that event went well and smoothly – the participants were
active, the virtual event platform worked well and stream was carried out good.
Event organizer mentions that the project was conducted to quite tight
schedule. As well the events schedule could have been a bit looser. The second
event was nonetheless perceived more successful than the first one. In the
end, event organizer received good tips and knowledge that they can utilize to
the next events.
Cooperation between event agency Bonfire, event organizer Paptic, event platforms offerer Liveto and streamer Torvinen Showtekniikka went well. Henna Lahtinen, Bonfire Agency, guarantees the cooperation between partners was successfull: “Everybody respond to each other fast and cooperation was flowing. “ Read more about the virtual event platform and organizing a virtual event from our website and download a free guide “How to organize a virtual event”.


"Our main goal was to offer a real exhibition atmosphere in online environment where we wanted to create global place to have a meeting between people interested in our actions. The place had to be encouraging and enable genuine conversations. Both, the platform and the event were built in incredible and dynamic cooperation with our partners. Altogether, we achieved a great amount of visitors with outstanding interactivity. Many thanks to everyone included!" - Valtteri Pussi, Marketing Coordinator in Paptic Ltd


Read more about the virtual event platform and organizing a virtual event from our website and download a free guide “How to organize a virtual event”.

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