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The most common mistakes in online event marketing

Mistakes are possible at any stage of event marketing campaign, most of the risks can be considered already before launching the event marketing campaign. Knowing other mistakes will help to deal with them better in the future. The most frequent mistakes are related to event marketing planning, scheduling, adjusting the plan, forgetting about the goals and finishing too early.

1. No proper planning

It’s not uncommon that event organizers start a marketing campaign straight away without any plan. They usually start to struggle pretty soon and don’t know what to do next. The main reason of that situation is a lack of planning. Preparing an event marketing plan and schedule takes time and energy. It might be not the most interesting task to do, but proper planning can help to avoid a lot of other mistakes and risks. 

2. Sending irrelevant messages

Some event organizers think that the more they promote the event, the better sales results will be. However, people nowadays constantly receive information and want to filter it. They may lose interest and unsubscribe with just one click if the messages aren’t informative and relevant. So, value quality over quantity and send valuable messages right on time. We all like concise mails with clear content, which take just a few minutes to read! 

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3. No flexibility 

Not only the quality of marketing messages, but also the frequency matters. When is the best time to send a message in order to increase event sales? How frequent should be social media posts? Within time answers for those questions might change. 

Scheduling is especially helpful in the beginning, but being flexible is a key for future success. Liveto’s platform integrated metrics will help to control your event sales and adjust event marketing campaign according to current results. 

4. Not making the interest stronger

Don’t try to say everything with the first messages. Arise the attendees’ interest and try make it stronger closer to event. Keep the interest by sending different content adjusted by the time before the event. Again, right scheduling, planning and flexibility will surely help! 

5. Promising too much

Promising and not doing will ruin the attendees’ experience. Imagine, they have paid for the promise and it didn’t come true. Most likely they will never come back because of bad experience. Be honest and respectful to your event attendees, it will pay back.

6. No proper selling

Finally, the main goal of any event organizer is to actually sell the event. However, some event organizers assume that only the event itself will guarantee success. In reality it’s not true. For example, if the event website doesn’t look user-friendly and the payment isn’t fast and easy, potential attendees may lose interest in the event no matter how great it is.  

7. Forgetting about post-marketing

When the event is over, it’s not time to rest yet. It’s time for post-marketing! Post-marketing helps to understand what was good, what should be done better, who attend your event and how they get to know about it. If an event occurs annually or monthly, post-marketing helps to constantly improve the event and attract new attendees easier. First of all, it is cheaper than launching a new event marketing campaign every time. Secondly, it makes your brand image stronger and boosts the word-of-mouth marketing – the most effective marketing tool of the modern world. 

Any questions? Liveto team is ready to help. Contact us here. We help your event sales succeed!