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Finnish Association for Mental Health's  cooperation with Liveto

MIELI, the Finnish Association for Mental Health  did their final seminar for the MIOS project in the Autumn 2020 as a virtual event on Liveto’s virtual event platform. Johannes Parkkonen, the Project Manager tells that the cooperation with Liveto was easy and well-run. 

Finnish Association for Mental Health:

  • World's oldest NGO in the field of Mental Health
  • Founded in 1897
  • Approximately 150 employees
  • Consists of local clubs and national organizations
  • Mission is to promote mental well-being and prevent mental health problems

The First Virtual Event

Parkkonen says that during the challenging times, they were able to move the smaller events, such as group activities online, however, the final seminar of MIOS project approaching, the project team quickly noticed that Teams or Zoom would just not be enough, taking into consideration the size and nature of their event.They were looking for a solution, something that would make the event feel more real and more of an experience for the attendees.  

They started to look through the internet for different kinds of solutions to organize their final seminar and decided that it would be done virtually. The project team had no previous experience in organizing virtual events so they were happy to receive good feedback from their event attendees. The project team was also pleased with the implementation of the event and how it was a success. 


The purpose of the MIOS-project is to promote the well-being of those who have moved to Finland through a variety of different group activities. Finnish Association for Mental Health has created a digital program, “OmaMieli” which translates to “my own mind”. The content is designed to give the multicultural community more information about the meaning of mental health, providing tips and actions that can be taken to everyday life to look after yourself and others. It is aimed to strengthen the well-being of one’s mind with different language options. 

The project has received funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) and has been in operation from 2018-2020. The virtual event program of the final seminar included various workshops, discussions, speeches and musical performances.

Cooperation with Liveto

To organize their virtual event, the project team also needed some assistance on how to get started and what will be needed and had searched through Google to see what options were available. According to Parkkonen, the offer from Liveto was the most competitive, so the cooperation was started quickly after that. 

“Easy to work with Liveto” - Johannes Parkkonen, Project Manager, Finnish Association for Mental Health 

Parkkonen describes the collaboration and cooperation with Liveto as easy. Things were well explained and the logic and operations behind the platform were reviewed and explained through demo’s. After this, it was easy for them to start concentrating on the event itself and the content of the event. According to Parkkonen, any time they had questions and needed answers, Liveto provided these very quickly. He says that he strongly recommends Liveto as a partner and will continue to ask for assistance and work with Liveto on their future events. 

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