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Building virtual event with Liveto

Depending on the virtual event, it can take 2-12 months to build the virtual implementation. There are so many different event types and characteristics that make every event different and unique. Therefore, every project is different, and this blogpost gives you an idea, what the process is like when working together with Liveto. 

Building virtual event with Liveto 10 step process 

1. Making the contract 

The collaboration starts with a contract. Liveto’s sales team makes the contract according to the needs of the event.  

2. Startup meeting

After the contract is ready and signed, Liveto’s Customer Success manager takes charge of your event on Liveto’s side. You will get your own Customer Success Manager who will help and guide you through the whole process. In the first startup meeting the following points will be discussed: 

  • Event type, characteristics and needs of your event 
  • Stream (technical partner) 
  • Need for the partnership sales 
  • Deadlines for materials 
  • Next steps 

In addition to these Liveto will send written instructions on how to create a virtual event – from this you will get useful tips and answers to most common questions! 

3. Filling up the event information 

You will fill up the general information about the event to Liveto’s form. With the information from this form we will begin the work on the event platform.  

4. Building the event platform

Usually, we will build the basic structure of the event platform for you. After this, your own Customer Success Manager will guide you on how you can edit the event platform, add materials like texts, photos or videos to the platform. 

5. Working on the event platform 

Liveto and event organizer will work on the event platform together as agreed, following the set deadlines that have been agreed upon.  

6. First look and comments on the event platform 

As the project is moving forward and the platform is starting to take its form, there will be a meeting in which you and for example event’s partners can comment the platform and ask for changes that you would like to be done. After this meeting the agreed changes will be implemented on the event platform as agreed upon.  

7. Communication meeting 

A meeting about the communication process to the public and attendees should be done at least one month before the event. In this meeting you can plan the communication plan with your Customer Success Manager. This meeting should help you to decide what guides and tips will be sent out to the attendees and when for example.  

8. Second look and comments on the event platform 

In the second checkup meeting, you can give your last editing requests and all the missing materials will be sent as well to ensure the success of the event. After this meeting, the edits will be done to the event platform, this should be done at least one week before the event. The week of the event will be concentrating on other parts of the event and the event platform will not be edited by Liveto at this point anymore.  

9. Event platform open for the attendees 

Virtual event platform can be opened for your attendees for example couple days before the actual program starts and stay open after the event for two weeks. Liveto’s technical support and customer service will help the attendees and the organizer through the event. 

10. Feedback meeting after the event 

After the event Liveto and the event organizer can have a meeting to discuss how the event went. If there are any profits for example from the tickets sold to the event, funds will be transferred to the event organizer.  

In addition to these steps and meetings, we can also have meetings about live streaming (technical), partnership sales or about different attendee profiles etc. We are here to help you through the whole process!  

Ps. Virtual event is a safe way to organize events during Covid-19. Read more about virtual events here and check out the current restrictions in Finland from here. 


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