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Unobvious tips to boost your event sales


The event is well-planned, organizational process is on-going, goals are set, everything seems to be ready for enormous success, but people don’t buy tickets... Why does it happen? How to encourage potential visitors to attend your event? Nobody says event sales is easy. It requires a lot of planning, setting goals and benchmarks, being flexible, creative and even tricky. Liveto has prepared a few unobvious tips and tricks, which might help to boost your event sales.

Early bird tickets

The idea behind early bird ticketing is to offer a discount for attendees, who buy a ticket in advance. This type of tickets is the most preferable option for loyal customers or visitors, who want to save money or secure their attendance. Early bird tickets are always limited by time period and the number of tickets available. It’s crucial to set up the deadline for pre-sale, allocate a reasonable share of early bird tickets, calculate the ticket price, etc. Moreover, some event organizers offer so-called “Super early bird tickets” that are sold prior to early bird tickets or arrange an exclusive pre-sale for loyal customers only.   


People love money and they especially love to save money. Discounts are always favourable and encourage people to make purchases instantly. Special deals can be offered for some particular categories of event attendees, can be held on certain days or coincided with other events and so on. For example, the discount code can be provided for the past event attendees, which would make them feel treated and improve their loyalty to the event. Fortunately, any kind of discount codes can be easily added to your ticket sales webpage through Liveto event sales platform.


Package deals

This feature is extremely useful for festivals and events that take place during a couple of days or include various stages. Some event visitors prefer “all-inclusive” packages, others want to participate in the event only for one day, some have already been to the event and know what they want, others came for the first time and wish to try everything. What do your event attendees desire? Define it and offer the options to choose. The result in an increased event sales guaranteed!

Sponsors’ placement

When it comes to event sales, we obviously think about potential event attendees first. But how about sponsors? Indeed, sponsors and partners are essential for the event success as much. Recognizable and trustworthy partnerships help to promote your event in a better way. In turn most sponsors are likely to demand to be visible and associated with a prosperous event via various channels. Thus, Liveto has created an exclusive solution especially for these purposes. Any sponsor logo can be easily placed right on the ticket for your event. We are sure your sponsors would love it!

Liveto’s Dropshop

By all means superior user experience for online ticket purchase matters. Make this ticket purchase smooth and easy, without any additional links and extra clicks. Liveto’s Dropshop allows to buy tickets straight from the event website. As simple as that, but event sales boosted! Test the dropshop here for free.

To conclude, even the best event organizers might experience problems in event sales. The main thing is to understand the issue and try to come up with a creative solution, for instance, using one of the tips mentioned above.