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Progressiivinen ja dynaaminen hinnoittelu

Posted by Kaisa on 30.06.2020

Boss Korhosella on asiaa -sarjassa tuodaan esiin olennaisia ja tärkeitä asioita tapahtumajärjestäjille. Jokaisessa jaksossa käsitellään eri aihetta, joka esitellään lyhyesti ja mahdollisimman selkeästi. Sarjan viidennessä jaksossa käsitellään progressiivista ja dynaamista hinnoittelua sekä eroja näiden hinnoittelumallien välillä.

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Tapahtumajärjestäjä rakastuu omiin ideoihin

Posted by Kaisa on 16.06.2020

Boss Korhosella on asiaa -sarjassa tuodaan esiin olennaisia ja tärkeitä asioita tapahtumajärjestäjille. Jokaisessa jaksossa käsitellään eri aihetta, joka esitellään lyhyesti ja mahdollisimman selkeästi. Sarjan kolmannessa jaksossa puhutaan siitä, miksi on taloudellisesti jopa vaarallista, että tapahtumajärjestäjä rakastuu liian helposti omiin ideoihinsa. Jaksoon pääset tästä

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Live streaming: what, when, how, where to organize

Posted by Anna on 11.06.2020

Live streaming is growing in popularity day by day because of its competitive advantages over the recorded videos. Live streaming events are a great way to engage with your audience and get instant feedback. Viewers are also more likely to trust in the live broadcast due to the realistic environment and on-going performance without any additional editing. However, it doesn’t mean that event organizers put less effort into organizing a live stream.

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Wi-Fi connection – a necessity for events

Posted by Anna on 04.06.2020

Without a doubt, it’s hard to imagine our modern lives without the Internet. People want to stay online 24/7 and attending an event isn’t an excuse to turn off your smartphone. To satisfy this need of the 21st-century, an Internet connection should be provided by setting up a Wi-Fi connection.

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6 best platforms for hosting a webinar

Posted by Anna on 15.05.2020

We've collected the six best platforms for hosting a webinar. Read below what would be the best platform for you and your company.

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Podcasteja tapahtuman järjestäjille

Posted by Kaisa on 08.05.2020

Podcastit ovat nousseet Suomessakin tärkeäksi osaksi kulttuuria sekä ihmisten arkea. Podcastit ovat useille henkilöille mieluisaa ajanvietettä, keino rentoutua sekä myös mahdollisuus oppia jotain uutta. Toisinaan itseä kiinnostavan sisällön etsiminen saattaa tuntua haasteelliselta, joten kokosimme tapahtuma-alalla työskenteleville, tai siitä kiinnostuneille, suunnattua kuunneltavaa. Kaikki viisi alla olevaa podcastia löytyvät muun muassa Spotifysta.

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3 Reasons You Shouldn't Organize Free Events

Posted by Anna on 28.04.2020

Have you ever organized a free event? Or do you consider hosting a free of charge event? These events can be a nice way to increase brand recognition, draw attention or promote something. Nevertheless, in many cases, they are associated with relatively big organizational expenses, but the absence of noticeable result. Continue reading to get to know the disadvantages of hosting a free event and why businesses should avoid organizing their events for free.

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The best books for event managers

Posted by Kaisa on 23.04.2020

At this time when it is recommended to stay indoors, what would be a better thing to do than to read interesting and instructive books. We have compiled a list of books that are useful for everyone working in the event industry. The books that we recommend are about event planning, conferences, meetings, sustainability, safety, and creativity.

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Why sporting events are hard to sell?

Posted by Anna on 03.01.2020

Sporting events are booming all over the world. The most famous ones are always sold out and sometimes the lottery decides who is lucky enough to attend the event. However, apart from mega sporting events there are medium and small scale events that, in fact, aren’t that easy to sell. What is ‘wrong’ with sporting events? Why they are hard to sell? What are the most common mistakes? And how to avoid them?

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Instagram as a powerful marketing tool for events

Posted by Anna on 03.12.2019

Instagram became the most significant social media of today. Nowadays Instagram is not only entertaining, but also a business platform. The majority of top companies all over the world have their Instagram accounts to be closer to the audience. For events, it is a powerful marketing tool.

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